Stretch Mark Laser Removal: What You Need to Know

Stretch-marks form due to over stretches of the skin that may be due to rapid weight changes, pregnant state, body building, and the like. These marks especially affect the dermal part of the skin, which is actually the middle section layer. When there is overstretching, the connective fibres get started to break which will result to the collagen disruption and scarring damage. The scars may show up pink, purple, red or white depending of it is current stage. They commonly develop at the thighs and leg, belly, buttocks, breast, hands and hips. There are a lot of treatments to lessen or get rid of marks and one which is laser removing. stretch marks laser removal

Stretchmark laser removal is a process that entails by using a beam of light to reduce the thin tiers of the skin bordering those marks. This laser beam technology utilizes a high energy ultraviolet light to disrupt the molecular binds found in the skin area tissue thus helping it to disintegrate. When the scar tissues are totally eliminated, they shall be replaced with new and healthy skin area cells, collagen and elastin.

Right after the process, you will learn redness on the treated area. This is because of layers of the scarred skin have been eliminated and changed with new skin. Just about all patients notice healing from redness and tenderness in simply a few days after the procedure was made.

This may be considered a scary procedure since it is classified as a surgical procedure but actually this is simply not dangerous since this is a non-invasive surgical procedure. Furthermore, this is an efficient way of having rid of these grades specifically busy individuals. This kind of only takes 10 minutes to 1 hour whereby the patient can then go back home after the procedure. The number of treatment will rely upon the severity of the skin damage wherein the fresh stretch out marks are often treated with higher success than those with old stretchmarks. The only discomfort you will be experiencing during the procedure is the pinching sensation while the lasers do their job.

Area effects due to lazer stretch mark removal are actually rare. The commonly experienced side effects of clients are bruising, skin damage, blistering, or swelling of the treated area whereby these will subside after a few days or weeks. Changes in the pigmentation may likewise happen but will again be temporary.

The procedure will not pose any hazard as long as the process is done by competent and accredited professionals. Hence, had you been considering stretch mark lazer removal, check with with accredited and accredited doctors.

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